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Book Review - Our souls at night - K. Haruf

I definitely fell in love with Kent Haruf's writing style. I loved the Holt trilogy (Eventide especially) and I loved, loved, loved his last work before passing away, Our souls at night.
Haruf is a wizard in describing a normal day to day existance in an extraordinary way, in a way where you all mind and body feels inside the book, living and breathing with its characters.
Our souls at night is a love story, one of the best love stories I have ever read Addie and Louis, the two main character in the novel, are special people, two elderly who find each other and in each other finds that company and joy that was slowly disappearing from their solitary lives before they met. Their story is so heartwarming and touching, but also so intense and futuristic.
In this novel we are back in the same setting of Plainsong, Benediction and Eventide, the small rural town of Holt in Colorado, a town with its prejudices, its strong sense of community, with all its pros and cons as Addie and Louis will find out throughout their friendship.
Our souls at night is a book that makes you think about growing old and growing old with somebody near you. It is a book about finding your soul mate, no matter when in life. It is a book that brings you a tiny bit of sadness, but mostly joy and a sense of peace.

“What?” says Louis, naturally a bit taken aback. “How do you mean?” And she says: “I mean we’re both alone. We’ve been by ourselves for too long. For years. I’m lonely. I think you might be too. I wonder if you would come and sleep in the night with me. And talk.”

And for me it is even more tender that Kent Haruf wrote this book just few months before passing away and he wrote this novel about him and his late wife Cathy.
There is a splendid interview to her on the Picador website that I urge you to read - this is an extract:
"Kent said to me at the end of April, 'I am going to write a book about us.' His favorite time of all was when we would lie in bed at night, hold hands and talk about everything – living, dying, our spirits, our lovely children, our dear friends, this story, my hospice work, funny happenings, our great years together, frustrations, resentments, our feelings for each other and whatever went on that day. (It was very important to Kent and me that we stay current with each other about everything.)"
(See more at:

This year, Our souls at night will become a movie for Netflix, starring Jane Fonda and Robert Redford.

Overall rating: 10    Plot: 10   Writing style: 10    Cover:  8

Title:Our souls at night
Author: Kent Haruf
Publisher: Picador
Pages: 192
Publication year: 2016

Addie Moore's husband died years ago, so did Louis Waters' wife, and, as neighbours in Holt, Colorado they have naturally long been aware of each other. With their children now far away both live alone in houses empty of family. The nights are terribly lonely, especially with no one to talk to. Then one evening Addie pays Louis an unexpected visit.

The Author:
Kent Haruf (24 February 1943 - 30 November 2014). Before becoming a writer, Haruf worked in a variety of places, including a  chicken farm, a construction site and a rehabilitation hospital. Born in Pueblo, Colorado, he lived with his wife, Cathy, in Salida, Colorado until his death in 2014. He had three daughters from his first marriage.

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